Can low income families adopt children?

assistance for low income families

Can low income families adopt children?
My family is planning to adopt a baby. My cousin wants to give my mother her baby. We wanted to know is it true if your family is on government assistance that you cannot adopt. I wanted to know if low income families still adopt children. If so what are the requirements. My mom is 42 and has raised all of her children. She has 1 grandson and 2 godchildren. We don’t want to get a child from the foster system, just my cousin’s. She will be giving birth soon and this is very important to us. What can we do to speed up the process?

Answer by Danica M
I don’t think you’ll run into any problems since this is only concerning your family. I’m pretty sure you would only run into trouble if you were trying to adopt a child through an adoption program.

Answer by Anna Og
You need to check with your state adoption agency. Different states have different standards.

Answer by Tracy S
In this case, I would guess that there probably won’t be an issue. If you know the mom and she wants you (or your family) to have the baby then it’s just a matter of filing paperwork, etc. The state would rather a relative get the baby, then to go to the work of putting the baby in the system, etc.

Answer by real/one
yes she can and get help

Answer by kiba
Many states require you to have a certain income in order to adopt. So it is possible that low income families can’t adopt.

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